Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunny and Suerte

Kimberlee’s Sunrise was rescued on July 9 at age 5 days. She is now 7 weeks old and just gets cuter every day. She has progressed to eating foal lac pellets and drinking milk replacer from a bowl and is being weaned from her bottle feedings. Sunny has been paired up with another formerly wild Mustang, Tracie, to teach her how to be a horse.

Without a dam, an orphaned foal misses out on the nurturing, socialization, and discipline that would be provided by its mother. They often become overly aggressive. Tracie is helping to fill some of those gaps. She has been gentle, patient, and protective of her little friend.

If Suerte (see August 5 blog) was a cat, he would have definitely used up several of his nine lives. He is a totally different colt these days. His motor skills have returned to normal and as you can see by the photo, his attitude is alert and bright. The only unknown now is if he has suffered any permanent neurological damage that may interfere with learning. Only time will tell. Regardless, we will care for him.

These little horses have the strongest will to live that I have ever seen. Although I know that in order to survive on their own for nearly five centuries, they would have to be strong willed – I am always in awe when I see it for myself. They are as tough as they gentle.

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