Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Senseless Death

I can hardly believe that it has happened again. Another beautiful wild stallion euthanized as a result of a human’s complete and total lack of responsibility or conscience. The beautiful stallion that is featured in the Mary Kolliner photo in the center of our brochure and our Charter member photos is dead. His name was Spec. He was euthanized at 2:30 p.m. on May 23rd. His left hind leg was broken so badly it was snapped completely in two. Dr. Bart Kite examined the leg thoroughly. It was hit from the side with great force and broken inward. There were ATV tracks all around where the horse was originally seen on the beach at 6:43 a.m. It is possible that ATV’s were being used to chase the horse and then hit him. Residents reported hearing ATV’s tearing around at 1 and 2 a.m.

Spec drug himself up over the dunes over a mile from where he was first seen. I have no words to describe what the last few hours were like for those of us who were present, and what they were like for Spec. If there is a tougher horse on the planet than Spec, then it’s got to be a Spanish Mustang as well. Spec did not want to die and he fought and struggled long and hard. It was gut wrenching. It was a waste. It was sickening. He was terrified.

Someone may be on the north beach right now that is responsible for his death. Or perhaps, like the other horse that was hit in April, they left the beach for awhile, they got rid of their damaged vehicle, and they’re counting on others to continue to cover for them.

Please, if you live or vacation on the north beach and you see or hear something that you know is not right – call the Sheriff’s office. You don’t have to give your name. We have lost two healthy, beautiful, stallions in the last 4 weeks. Hit by people who know that they hit them. Left to suffer in agony. Help us hold them accountable. Help us keep another horse from having to die.

IF YOU DRIVE THE NORTH BEACH AT NIGHT – DON’T SPEED. The horses are almost impossible to see at night. THIS WAS THEIR LAND LONG BEFORE IT WAS OURS. They have shared their land and peacefully coexisted with us. IF YOU RENT ON THE NORTH BEACH – ACT RESPONSIBLY. Two deaths in two month is horrifying. Both caused by the irresponsible, immature, and heartless actions of people. IT MUST STOP.

My deepest thanks to former Herd Manager Steve Rogers and his wife Hannah who drove here from Columbia on Saturday morning. Steve was able to use his expert marksmanship skills to dart Spec twice with tranquilizers allowing us to proceed with the next steps. Thanks to Deputy Justin Cartwright for his assistance, to Edna Baden, Kim Hoey, Jim and Ellen Rein, Brian O’Connor, Cameron Gray, and my husband Mike.


  1. I can't get why someone would do this. My Corolla, Matoaka, is the most amazing horse in the world.

  2. I am just broken hearted over this... that someone must have been stoned on drugs, drunk and stupid. Not someone for a family to meet on a beach; much less a horse, no matter of night, or day. Perhaps a "Beach Neighborhood Horse Watch" should be established. Call the Sheriff if you hear an ATV on the beach at night. Funds to support Rewards for info leading to arrest & conviction for disturbing/harming horses.
    This person should be made a 'NATIONAL EXAMPLE OF' for ATV's on Beaches/Parks. Parks are for people that respect nature/wildlife, its environment, to relax, enjoy, to teach children the wonders of life. I can't imagine what Spec or the other horse must have felt being chased to exhaustion, tormented and run down....left in such suffering to die. GOD this is just so appalling.
    This could ruin fun at the beach for a lot of people. But for safety, perhaps there should be designated entrances paying a fee to register persons & ATV's for a "Day Visa" to ride (or drive) on the beach. And NO ATV vehicles allowed on the beach after sunset til sunrise or be arrested & fined. This fee/donation should go to Corolla Wild Horse Fund for the protection of the horses & their habitat; Rewards for turning in such persons tormenting & harming the horses. This possibly not just for the horses safety but also the public, homeowners and their families or guests.
    It has been proven that those guilty of child molestation, beating women, rape, assault and battery etc. generally started with cruelty, torture & killing of animals & on to harming children. That it gives them a feeling of power. With this person using an ATV to run down a large animal that he couldn't get his hands on, must be really sick. This person needs to be off the beaches, streets & locked up. Perhaps a horse should kick him in the leg & be made to crawl on one leg for a mile to jail.

  3. Upon visiting Corolla and the northern beaches in late June we were blessed to see a mama and her baby and three stallions on our way back out. When we stopped in the sanctuary gift shop we learned of the 2 deaths. It was only a $500 fine for the woman Kendra that killed the horse in March/April, it should have been FAR more money and time in community service or in jail. For this second death of Spec, I am horrified that he drug himself so far.

    What is wrong with people? Who chases horses and then hits one and doesn't tell anyone? Cowards and creeps. My heart is broken for the entire herd, animal and human.

    Rhonda Morin

  4. maybe its time tp ban atv's on the beach, these horses are now suffering and in danger because of recklass drivers, IS IT WORTH IT? seriously, how much more suffering takes a drastic change, to whoever runs this tour/or park mamnagement, it must be's and horses dont mesh, isnt someone patrolling the beaches at night?