Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Is it Memorial Day yet? That is our new Herd Manager, Wesley Stallings’, first day of work. The fact that we are only updating this blog about once a month says it all! We are just two staff right now and we are feeling the pressure of the daily demands of a very busy nonprofit. We are so fortunate to have a core group of volunteers who give so unselfishly of their time.

We started out the month with the loss of a six year stallion. Someone hit him on the beach during the night and left him to suffer. What an incredible act of cowardice. These horses have a will to live that has no equal. He stood, broken, for hours upon hours, shaking from the effort. Again, there were volunteers there to help watch over him, provide support to me, and to bury him after he was humanely euthanized.

The Wild Horse Museum is open year round and April has been a very busy month. We are so grateful for volunteers like Fran Green, Mary Riley, Terry Bell, Barbara Burke, Betty Lane, and Judie Miller who got us through the week before and after Easter.

Speaking of Easter break, someone plowed their vehicle into the gate by the ramp to the beach, completely destroying it. John Doub and Greg Wilson came to the rescue. John donated a brand new stainless steel 18 foot gate and Greg installed it.

Last week, one of our members from Wilmington, DE, arrived for a week with his two daughters during their spring break. They spent three days of their “vacation” crossing things off our long “to do” list. Todd Zeisloft and daughters Morgan and Erin, donated nearly 20 hours apiece. As a result, we have 20 additional wooden horses attached to the trees for our children’s painting activity, fence on the north beach was repaired, inventory was taken, and 52 wooden horses got painted.

More examples of the way in which many wonderful people open up their hearts to help us care for and watch over the horses:
• Bob Green, who has taken the responsibility of scheduling Sanctuary Patrol Officers off Denise’s and my plates.
• Sanctuary Patrol Officers like Brian O’Connor, Bob Green, Kimberlee Hoey, Betty Lane, Sally Baron, Sally Wright, Jennifer Flannigan, and Dottie McGuire who have already given countless hours educating visitors and it isn’t even summer yet.
• Karen Lockwood, who is donating her beautifully hand painted wine glasses for sale in our stores.
• Bob and Kathy Schultz, Lynne Wilson, Kimberlee Hoey, Karen Lockwood, Roy and Fran Hamilton, Fran Green, Mary Riley, Walter Stiff, Betty Lane, Marie Baecher who are leading the planning efforts for our major July 7, 8, 9, fundraiser, Wild Horse Days. There will be host of others in the days before, during, and after who will help with set up, food preparation, activities, and clean up.
• Wrangler Farms owners and staff for all the extra things they do for our horses that reside there.
• Our Board: President: Kimberlee Hoey; VP: Mary Kolliner; Treasurer: Karen Gresham, Secretary: Mary Riley; and members Lynne Wilson; Dr. John Sangenario; Matthew Hewes; Sharon Twiddy; Steve Edwards; and Vance Aydlett.
• A special thanks to board member Steve Edwards for promoting the value of the Colonial Spanish Mustang and the need to protect and preserve the breed, in so many meaningful ways.

We will be honoring the many contributions of ALL our volunteers with a picnic at Wrangler Farms on May 3rd. We will also be celebrating the first birthday of our little filly, Corolla’s Grace, daughter of Swimmer. It is a small gesture in view of the enormous contributions of all those who help in so many different ways. On behalf of Denise, myself, and the horses we love so much – I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Karen McCalpin, Executive Director

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