Wednesday, February 25, 2009

They're coming...!

The weather is still cold here at the Old Schoolhouse in Corolla, NC but each day it seems more and more visitors are arriving to see what treasures can be found on this sandy coastline. The staff is putting plans together for this Summer's list of programs and activities. And it doesn't matter if you've been here fifteen times or if you're planning your first, we'll have something new for everyone. The paint, brushes and smocks will be ready for horse painters and our pony pen polished and ready for the weekly visit of a gentled wild mustang. You can check our website ( for weekly activity schedules, but year-round the Schoolhouse in Old Corolla Village is the place to learn about the Wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs of the Currituck Outer Banks. Open 10-4 Monday through Friday.


  1. I am a student at moyock middle school. I am interested in helping the wild horses to become our state horse. My teacher, Mrs. Linda Lloyd has told me about the writing contest. I think you are doing a very generious thing after all they were there first.

  2. i would like to come to your school house during the summer to learn more about the wild horses in corolla. i would like tp help the horses by keeping there diet the same and keeping them safe. my teacher linda lloyd said that the horses were here befdore any thing else is that true well thats all and hopefully you have fun

  3. Thanks Ashlee and Ian. I'm glad you are both interested in helping the wild horses. It's up to all of us to help keep them wild and free.